URBAN GLASS Artist Fellowship

Bienal de MexiCali 2018/2019: CALAFIA
Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art
October 6 - December 15, 2018

July 28, 2018, Los Angeles Historic Park

Ingrid Calame (Crenshaw/Vernon Station)
Eileen Cowin (Crenshaw/MLK Station)
Kenturah Davis (Florence/La Brea Station)
Dean Erdmann (Crenshaw/Vernon Station)
Sherin Guirguis (Aviation/Century Station)
Carlson Hatton (Crenshaw/Slauson Station)
Mara Lonner (Crenshaw/MLK Station)
Rebeca Méndez (Crenshaw/Expo Station)
Geoff McFetridge (Florence/Hindry Station)
Erwin Redl (Crenshaw/Expo Station)
Kim Schoenstadt (Florence/West Station)
Jaime Scholnick (Crenshaw/Expo Station)
Shinique Smith (Crenshaw/MLK Station)
Mickalene Thomas (Crenshaw/Vernon Station)

TOUCH OF THE OTHER: Performing the Laud Humphreys Archive, ONE Archives, Los Angeles
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles
Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 7:30pm
During the 1960s, controversial sociologist Laud Humphreys studied in meticulous detail the codes and choreographies of male-male sex in public restrooms. Touch of the Other explores the aesthetics, erotics, and politics of these places, known to their users as “tearooms.” In this site-specific performance at ONE Archives, leading Tokyo-based chorographer and dancer Takao Kawaguchi and Los Angeles-based artist Dean Erdmann explore the legacies of public sex mapped out by Humphreys while connecting these histories to contemporary practices, as well as to the policing and pleasuring of bodies today. This immersive multi-media performance registers the desire, public intimacy, and queer sociality indebted in an archive like ONE. Following the performance, Kawaguchi and Erdmann will be joined in conversation with Jonathan M. Hall, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Pomona College and Laud Humphreys project director and dramaturg.
WATCHQUEEN, ONE Archives, Los Angeles
Form is the outline and structure of a thing, University Art Gallery, UC Irvine

Apollo TBD
Samuel Freeman Gallery
Curated by Evelena Ruether
April 5 - May 10, 2014

Works by: Dean Erdmann, Lisa Madonna, Becca Mann, Ryan Perez, Rimas Simaitis, Daniel Small, Brendan Threadgill, Calvin Tresize, Clarissa Tossin, Matthew Walker
Postcards From Familiar Places and Other Uncommon SItes
Curated by Deanna Erdmann and Jimena Sarno

Works by: Dino Dinco, EJ Hill, Jonesy, La Chica Boom, Mariah Garnett, Michael Robinson, Narcissister , United Colors of Bitchaton (Sarah Cromarty, Roxy Farhat and featuring EJ Hill), William E Jones, Zackary Drucker

University of Dayton, OH
Wednesday March 26th, 7-9 pm
Art Street - Studio B
with short Q & A session after screening
Part One & Part Two
A Traveling Group Video Exhibition and Artist Talk
Curated by Catlin Moore and Matthew Gardocki
5790 Projects

Part One: January 24, 2014, 7-9pm Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Part Two: February 8, 2014, 5-7pm Orange County Museum of Art

Featuring work by: Deanna Erdmann, Elana Mann, Emily Mast, Danial Nord, and Tyler Matthew Oyer
Reverb, Torrance Art Museum
Curated by Max Presneill and Daniel Rothman
January 18, 2014 - March 8, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday 18 January, 6-9pm

Works by Tyler Adams, Steven Bankhead, Tim Bavington, Juan Capistran, Graham Dolphin, Sean Duffy, Martin Durazo, Deanna Erdmann, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Kio Griffith, Mineko Grimmer, Martin Kippenberger, Gil Kuno, William Leavitt, Adam D. Miller, Dave Muller, Andy Ralph, Steve Roden, Marina Rosenfeld, Ed Ruscha, Andrew Sexton and Matt Stokes
he Stand In Or A Glass Of Milk, Public Fiction
Curated by Lauren Mackler an Alexandra Gaty

September 6 - November 27, 2013

Works by Trisha Baga, Scott Benzel, Gabriele Beveridge, Lucas Blalock, Nina Canell, Marieta Chirulescu, Isabelle Cornaro, Deanna Erdmann, Erik Frydenborg, Amy Granat, Nathan Hylden, Barbara Kasten,Erik Lindman, Shana Lutker, Alex Olson, Lili Reynaud-Dewar w/ Olivia Dunbar, Rachell Sawatsky, Sara VanDerBeek, Erika Vogt and Rosha Yaghmai.
California Community Foundation Art Fellowship 2013
Fabrik Magazine
Emergent Presence by Catlin Moore and Matthew Gardocki
July 2013

Artists included: Heather Cantrell, Deanna Erdmann, Nuttaphol Ma, Elana Mann, Emily Mast, Finishing School, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Rachelle Sawatsky

Destroy More Monsters
EMP Panel
April , 2013

Moderators: Nikki Darling and Margaret Wappler
Panelists: EMA, Deanna Erdmann, Lauren Mackler, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs

All That Is Solid
Images Festival

Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario
April 13, 2013
8 - 9pm

Works by Anna Artaker, Amit Dutta, Deanna Erdmann, Jesse McLean, Chance Taylor, Benjamin Tiven, Gordon Webber


Waxing the Bud
Actual Size
March 16 - April 14, 2013

Works by Deanna Erdmann, Esmeralda Montes, Orlando Tirado and Paul Waddell

Move In
October 24, 2012, 7pm

Works by Van Barnes, Zackary Drucker, Mariah Garnett and A.L. Steiner, Zach Blas, Dean/na Erdmann, Aimee Goguen, Lindsay Laven and Chris Vargas.

Quartet For the End of Time
Angel's Gate
September 9, 2012 - January 3, 2013
3601 South Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California 90731

Dirty Looks: On Location
Dirty Looks NYC
New York City, New York
July 2012

Dirty Looks: On Location is a month-long series of queer interventions in New York City spaces. Over the course of July, Dirty Looks, a roaming series which typically hosts screenings on the last Wednesday of the month, will install film and video work in queer social spaces and former sites of queer sociality (like shuttered bars, bathhouses and former meeting zones). A new piece, a different setting on each night of July.

Participating artists include:
Peggy Ahwesh, Eleanor Antin, Charles Atlas, Juan Betancurth, Nayland Blake and AA Bronson, Joan Braderman, Heather Cassils, Shirley Clark, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters, Cheryl Dunye, Deanna Erdmann, Gag!, Carl Michael George, Fred Halsted, Dynasty Handbag, K8 Hardy, Jim Hubbard, William E. Jones, Mike Kuchar, Kalup Linzy, Pier Marton, Tara Mateik, Shana Moulton, Sheila Pepe, Luther Price, Marlon Riggs, Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, Emily Roysdon and Frank Simon.

It's the Thought That Counts
2006 E 7th Street, Los Angeles
June 9, 2012
Opening 8 - 10 pm

An exhibition based around duos, coupling and collaboration. Artists include Aaron Dadacay, Maria Villote, Anthony Bodlovic, Noah Spindler, Deanna Erdmann, Jimena Sarno, Elyse Reardon-Jung, Eric Vrymoed, Krystyn Lambert, and Sam Bivins.

Dirty Looks: Long Distance Love Affairs
Hammer Museum
February 14, 2012
Screenings at 8 pm

Dirty Looks is a New York-based roaming screening series, a salon of influences, and an open platform for inquiry, discussion, and debate. This program is a love letter passionately proposing the curious coupling of East Coast and L.A. queer experimental filmmakers of yesterday and today. Expect obsession, permuted notions of sex, and violent whimsy. Curated by Bradford Nordeen and Darin Klein, and featuring work by Cecilia Dougherty, Deanna Erdmann, Rhys Ernst, Glen Fogel, Mariah Garnett, Jonesy, Dani Leventhal, Charles Ludlam, Narcissister, Luther Price, and Michael Robinson.
Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge
Luis de Jesus Los Angeles
Darin Klein & Friends
January 28 - February 25, 2012
Opening January 28, 2012, 6-9 pm

“Tilt-shift" refers to the use of camera movements typically employed in creating a simulated environment or miniature scene. The term in this context is well suited to Los Angeles-based queer artists who do not shy away from exploring and exploiting the visibility of a specific timeframe and geographic location, skewing and adjusting concepts of queerness to illuminate individual ideals. Much of the art in Tilt-Shift LA has been created specifically for this exhibition, while key pieces from the past half-decade were sourced from the artists’ studios, and several very recent works not shown previously now reach the public.

Artists included in the show: Brandon Andrew, Zackary Drucker = A. L. Steiner, Deanna Erdmann, Matthew Greene, Abel Baker Gutierrez, Lia Halloran, Danny Jauregui, Matt Lipps, prvtdncr & bodega vendetta, Christopher Russell & Halle Tate, George Stoll, Suzanne Wright

Conversation Between Darin Klein and the Huffington Post about Tilt-Shift

Adult Contemporary - Family Romance
Kavi Gupta Berlin
August 13, 2011
Screening begins at 7 pm

Including videos from Nic Buffon, Deanna Erdmann, Aaron GM, Spencer Douglass & Gustavo Herrera, Justin Baner Hansch & Jason Starr, Julian Hoeber, Dawn Kasper, Johanna Kirsch & Katrin Plavçak, Kelly Kleinschrodt, Joel Kyack, Lindsay Lawson, Josh Mannis, Sterling Ruby, Kelly Sears, Maxwell Simmer, Henning Strassburger, J. Patrick Walsh III, Marnie Weber, Jennifer West, and Landon Wiggs.

Machines For The Future
December 14, 2010
Screenings at 7.30 pm

An evening of experimental films by Adele Horne, Fern Silva, Deanna Erdmann, Dani Leventhal, Shambhavi Kaul, and Ben Rivers

Adult Contemporary - Dirty Black Summer
Kavi Gupta Berlin
August 12 - 19, 2010
Screenings at 9 pm

Craig Doty, Deanna Erdmann, Spencer Douglass & Gustavo Herrera, Julian Hoeber, Justin Baner & Jason Starr, Dawn Kasper, John Kilduff, Kelly Kleinschrodt, Lindsay Lawson, Caleb Jones Lyons, Brian Ramisch, Kelly Sears, Justin Swinburne, Scott Treleaven, Landon Wiggs

Bodhisattva, Superstar
an allegorical documentary by Michael Trigilio

Starring Deanna Erdmann - Featuring interviews with Brad Warner, Diana Winston, Vince Horn, Arnold Kotler, Therese Fitzgerald, Richard Cohen, and Caitronia Reed - With Chuck Miller - Music by Michael Trigilio - Written and Directed by Michael Trigilio

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
June 5 - September 29, 2010

Five Points Reading Series Presents:
Treasures from a Lesbian Library
Curated by Eve Fowler

reading from the library

Math Bass
Kelly Besser
Deanna Erdmann
Paige Gratland
Catherine Lord
Jen Smith

and screening by Mariah Garnett

Valentine's Day, 6pm

2601 Pasadena Ave
Los Angeles 90031

Original Plumbing #2 Release Party

February 5, 2010
2601 Pasadena Ave, Unit C
Los Angeles

Darin Klein & Friends touch down at workspace in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the 2nd issue of San Francisco's trans male quarterly, Original Plumbing. The event will feature an exhibition of Amos Mac's photographs showing the diversity of the FTM community in size, age, body, surgery, and hormone use and non-use. Plus, stop by Jenn Kolmel's Mustache Station to make your own mustache using nontraditional materials and adhesives. Throughout the evening we will screen short films by local artists including Zackary Drucker, Deanna Erdmann & Darin Klein, Rhys Ernst, Mariah Garnett and Austin Young exploring gender and queer issues, identities, aesthetics and possibilities. Copies of Original Plumbing will be available for purchase, hottt off the press!



January 29 - February 28th, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, January 29th, 7-10 pm

Brian Cooper
Deanna Erdmann
Dawn Kasper
Jenn Kolmel
Florian Morlat
Aaron Spangler
Austin Thomas
Torbjorn Vejvi

Statler Waldorf Gallery

Statler Waldorf Gallery is an artist-run exhibition space located in a private residence in
Echo Park, Los Angeles. For more information, please email: